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Whether it be a small group, daycare, classroom, library, primary school division, or family literacy night; youngsters from 3 to 10 will howl with delight with Walter’s songs and musical games. A guitar with a mind of his own, Walter leads young minds through magical adventures. And when Walter stubbornly demands a break Scott (former librarian, kdgn & primary teacher) is forced to fill in with action songs, finger plays and story telling.  

(Scott can be pretty goofy)

(No, I’m not, Walter!)

 We had a lot of fun singing and dancing with Walter & Mr. Gardner at the Northview Branch of the Oshawa Public Library!

Mrs. Hannah 8 months ago

Walter & Mr. Gardner have visited my classroom numerous times. The kids love the animated character that Mr. G. is. I love that the songs & stories can be easily related to the curriculum. He is welcome in my classroom any time!

Sasha Hannah, Kdgn teacher Beaverton PS

Scott & Walter are always entertaining. They put on a fun, interactive show every time

Barbara Heidenedahl, Librarian , Colbourne Public Libary

Very entertaining for all ages! My kids & I always enjoy an evening at Snuggle Up & Read, so much fun & many laughs!

Tanya Brown, mother of a 5 & 8 year old

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I have a degree in Child Studies from the University of Guelph. While there I was lucky enough to have the amazing Canadian childrens' story teller, Robert Munsch, as teacher and mentor. His delightful story-telling style was an incredible role model.

My wife, Liz, gave me my first guitar while I was working with severely physically and mentally challenged children in Oakville.The kids didn't care how well we sang just as long as there was lots of action and silliness.

Working with boisterous primary students for 30 years taught me the value of a story well told and a song full of attention holding craziness.

Recently a former student hoping to become a teacher reminisced how he enjoyed learning skip counting and science concepts in song form.

As a teacher/ librarian I had the pleasure of storying and music with all ages. The OLA Forest of Trees program gave us access to the best of Canadian Children's books.
Having recently retired I love nothing better than a chance to ham it up with the new generation of primary kids, to pass on my love for literature and music and to have an old-fashioned rollicking good time!

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